Unit 3: Interpreting Process Models; Discourse Analysis

Questions for Consideration:

• Why is it important for us to know the speaker’s purpose/goal?

• What model(s) or philosophy of interpreting do you usually work under? Are you able to adjust from one to another?

• How do you determine whether a consumer needs interpreting or transliteration?

• How do we determine if we are qualified for the assignment?

• What is cultural mediation? How do we decide when it is needed?

Books and Other Readings:

• Valli: ASL Discourse; Discourse Analysis

• Humphrey, Chapter 10: The Process of Interpreting

• Lawrence: Expansion and Compression (supplemental material)

• Humphrey, Chapter 8: How We Approach Our Work

• Mindess, Chapter 3: Selected Topics in Intercultural Communication

• Mindess: Techniques for Cultural Adjustments (1st ed.) or Multicultural Interpreting Challenges (2nd ed.)

• Kelly, Chapter 2: Transliterating: Show me the English

What is Transliteration

What is Interpretation

Content Mapping Witter-Merithew


Interpreting Process Models

TheMeaningofTexts Discourse Analysis