Unit 2 -Part 2

There are numbers of different ways to explore American Deaf history. There is a variety of wonderful books out there that you can read, we chose the John Vickrey Van Cleve book for this course because it’s particularly relevant and succinct. One of the most important things to understand about the history of American Deaf culture is the schools for the deaf and Gallaudet University, and how deaf education got started in this country. In addition, there are some wonderful films, and one of the most important is History Through Deaf Eyes, which is a PBS documentary. That’s an excellent way to learn a lot about American Deaf history in a short period of time. In general, it’s important to understand the history not just how it pertains to language and interpreters, but also how it pertains to social movements. It’s very important to understand the Deaf President Now movement in 1988. If you have a good overview of Deaf history, you’ll’ be able to participate well in conversations with deaf people about their experiences throughout their lifetimes in this country.