Unit 2 – Part 4

There are a number of terrific books and articles that can help you to understand American Deaf culture and particularly how it pertains to sign language interpreters. In addition to the reading selections, you can also watch excellent videos such as See What I Mean, A Sign of Respect and other videos that will help you to understand not just the different aspects of American Deaf culture, but how you can interact successfully around those. Another thing that helps people to understand American Deaf culture is to study the different American Deaf cultural organizations such as the Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf, National Asian Deaf Congress, The American Association of the Deaf-Blind, National Black Deaf Advocates, Deaf Women United, and others.

Having a basic understanding of what’s happening in American Deaf society as well as what is being discovered about American Deaf culture will go a long way, not just in helping you to get certified, but also in functioning as a sign language interpreter who’s culturally aware.