Unit 3 – Part 2

When it comes to the study of interpreting and how it happens in the brain, there’s a lot to understand. Every year at conferences around the country and around the world, new theories, philosophies, ideas and concepts are being shared that can help you to understand more about the work that you do on a daily basis. For this unit you just need to have a basic understanding of these ideas: Discourse analysis and text analysis; register (the range of levels of formality) in speech and sign; cloze skills (how we fill in the gaps when we miss something or don’t understand); how we approach our work in terms of how we relate to consumers. Also, the process of interpreting: what exactly does the brain do when it’s taking in a message, analyzing it, rehearsing and then producing the interpretation. There are a number of different models of how these processes happen, and you’ll need to have a basic familiarity with them.